Exciting news! We will once again be partnering with Eckholm Farm; widely known for their exceptional honey, and also known for raising heathy, happy, and delicious pork. Eckholm Farm is our neighbor just one property away and we have long had a great relationship. We have decided to work together, combining their experience raising high quality pork, and our experience creating a regenerative system with lush pastures and rotational grazing program. The pigs will live at our farm while rotationally grazing cover crops and post-harvest vegetable areas as well as grain fed from Conway feed. This partnership will deliver very high quality meat, raised ethically and sustainably. We will sell individual cuts direct from our farm as well as allow for a limited number of reservations for whole or half animals.


How it works: Our animals will be butchered when they are ready; however, based on our shared experience this will likely be just in time for the holidays (likely November). If you order a whole animal we require a $500 deposit (please return to our shop page to reserve a half animal); a half animal will require a $250 deposit at the time of ordering. When the time comes you will work directly with the butcher to customize your cut & wrap order. Our price is $5.00 per pound hanging weight, plus butcher fees. There is always some size variation among our pigs, but they should go to butcher at an average of around 235 pounds. If you are interested in reserving a whole or half or would like more details, contact us for more information.


Added tax is a credit card fee, you can avoid this fee by calling the farm and arranging payment by cash or check.


Delivery unavailable for meat, please select farm pick up at checkout to avoid the delivery charge - meat will be picked up by the customer at the butcher in Stanwood.

Whole Pork Reservation