Here at Bell's we grow a large variety of produce and availability depends on season and most importantly the weather. Follow us on social media for updates on products and please reach out by phone, email, or social media if you have any questions!

Bell's Farm CSA


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture, a system in which the customer helps share in the risk and reward with the farmer. CSA’s traditionally have the upfront cost to help support the beginning of the season costs associated with farming such as purchasing seed or maintaining equipment. This system is also designed to help both the customer and farmer share in the risk and reward.

Bell's Farm is proud to offer three different CSA structures to fit any budget. If interested in signing up please follow the 'CSA' link to our policy and contract. You can sign up and purchase your CSA share through the shop page or signed contract can be mailed, emailed, or delivered to the farm. For any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.






Thank you for an amazing season! Strawberries will be available again about mid-June 2020!


Flat - $20.00
       (6 pint boxes, about 6-7 lbs)

Pint boxes - $5.00
       (about 1 lb)



$2.50 per pound 

Monday-Saturday 9am-6pm

Sunday 12pm-6pm

+Please call before heading out as u-pick hours may be affected by weather, field ripening, or other factors.


Strawberries will also be available in our on-farm stand during the season, on Saturdays at the Mutiny Bay Blues farm stand, and at our road side pop up stands (check facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and locations)
​Thank you!

*Availability depends on many factors, one of the largest being the weather. Weather affects the season length and the size of the fruit. In order to guarantee our customers the highest quality fruit the picking season may be longer or shorter depending on the year (usually between 2-5 weeks). The season is mid June-Mid July. Thank you for understanding the nature of farming!


Our produce is available at our on farm Honesty Stand everyday from 7am-7pm (cash and check only). 

Other places to find our produce​

  • Local restaurants 

  • Healthy Living Buyers Club

  • Seasonal festivals and fairs throughout the year.

Produce from Okanagan, WA: 

Throughout the summer months we also provide fresh fruits and warm weather vegetables from Smallwood Farms. Smallwood Farms grows using organic practices.



Bell's offers a variety of cottage food items including cookies, pies, breads, and jams. Find our sweet treats in the Honesty Stand or call to special order (orders must be placed three days in advance). 


See our full bakery page for a complete list of products. 

​Follow us on social media for bakery updates!


Our flock of chickens are known as "Easter Eggers" and lay a variety of green and white eggs. 

The chickens are pasture raised, travelling around our farm in "chicken tractors" to enjoy fresh grass, sunlight, and bugs. 

When supplementing their natural diet we only use organic feed giving you the freshest, organic, healthiest eggs possible.

You can purchase eggs at our Honesty Stand



Our sheep are raised on pasture utilizing forage, cover crops and harvested produce crops. They are vital to our entire farm by building soil health through fertilizer and trampling green matter, breaking pest cycles in our produce production, and are moved frequently to ensure they always have plentiful fresh natural food straight from the ground. Our healthy and natural lambs can be purchased by the half or whole for $6.00 per pound.You can reserve a lamb today by visiting our shop and placing a $50 deposit. Individual cuts can be purchased in our honesty stand or call today for larger cuts. 

Average hanging weight: 60lbs 

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