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Here at Bell's we grow a large variety of produce and availability depends on season and most importantly the weather. Follow us on social media for updates on products and please reach out by phone, email, or social media if you have any questions!

Where can you find our products?

  • Honesty Stand

    • Open everyday 8am till 7ish

  • Whidbey Island Grown Food Hub

    • Ordering open Friday at noon till Tuesday 9pm​

    • Order pick up on Fridays at 

      • Elks Lodge, Oak Harbor​

      • Mutiny Bay Blues Farm Stand, Freeland

      • Sherman Pioneer Farm, Coupeville​

      • Whidbey Island Fairgrounds, Langley

  • In local restauants

    • Gordon's Fusion, Coupeville​

    • Orchard Kitchen, Bayview

    • Captain Whidbey, Coupeville




After over 70 years of growing strawberries we have made the decision to step back from growing berries in the PNW. 

The unpredictable and changing climate, along with labor costs, and the challenges of growing within our regenerative system are all contributing factors to this decision.

For the summer of 2023 we will have a very limited amount of strawberries available in our Honesty Stand. We will not be able to host U-pick this season and will not be hosting our Strawberry Daze Festival.

Thank you for your kindness and understanding as we navigate these changes as a business and as a family.

veg pallet.jpg

Our produce is available at our on farm Honesty Stand everyday from 7am-7pm

Other places to find our produce​

  • Local restaurants 

  • Healthy Living Buyers Club

  • Seasonal festivals and fairs throughout the year.


Our Honesty Stand features our own naturally grown produce, pasture raised meat, jams, and baked goods as well as products from other farms and businesses




Bell's offers a variety of cottage food items including cookies, pies, breads, and jams. Find our sweet treats in the Honesty Stand or call to special order (orders must be placed three days in advance). 

​Follow us on social media for bakery updates as goodies are not always offered.


In partnership with Eckholm Farm we pasture raise heritage breeds of hogs. Our pigs rotate pastures twice per week and are supplemented with grain from Conway Feed. Our pastured pork can be purchased seasonally by the whole or half, on the Whidbey Island Grown Food Hub, by order, in our Honesty Stand, and at various Farmers Markets (seasonally.)


Our sheep and cattle are raised together on pasture utilizing forage, cover crops and harvested produce crops. The "flerd" is grain-free. They are vital to our entire farm by building soil health through fertilizer and trampling green matter, breaking pest cycles in our produce production, and are moved frequently to ensure they always have plentiful fresh natural food straight from the ground. Our healthy and natural lambs can be purchased by the half or whole. Individual cuts of both beef and lamb can be purchased in our honesty stand, on the Whidbey Island Grown Food Hub, or call to order. 

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