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Bell's Family Farm

In 1946 Jesse and Margaret Bell in conjunction with their two sons, Russ and Jerry, made the decision to purchase a 15 acre parcel of land on beautiful Whidbey Island. They moved from the eastern Washington town of Wapato to Coupeville along with their youngest daughter, Evelyn, who would later go on to graduate from Coupeville High School. Four years later the Bell family produced their first crop of strawberries, picked by local kids.

In the beginning the berries were picked by local kids solely for the cannery in Skagit County and then later began selling flats out of the farm house. It wasn’t until the 1970’s that the farm expanded into selling to local grocery stores and setting aside certain field portions for u-pick berries. As local Famers Markets became popular Bell’s again expanded to reach even more customers with berries and also adding vegetables and flowers from their garden. In the early 2000’s the farm opened a road side honesty stand which still operates today. In summer you can find pint boxes of berries and a wide variety of produce grown in our garden.


In addition to the crops raised here at Bell's we also raise high quality beef, lamb, and pork. Our beef is a unique breed called Ancient White Park. White Park's are striking with their white bodies, black feet and noses, and horns. We specifically chose this breed based on many factors including their strong mothering and birthing, gentle nature, and size. Smaller than commercial breeds like Angus they are gentler on the soil and have a rich deep flavor to their meat. Our flock of sheep are a mix of breeds - we focus less on breed and instead on overall health, size, temperament, and mothering. Our hog operation is known as Island Pig and Pasture and is partnership between us and Eckholm Farm. You can read all about this side of our operation under the Island Pig tab. 

Today the farm is 65 acres and still run by two generations of the Bell family. We continue to hire locally and produce the highest quality flowers, vegetables, pasture raised meat, and of course, berries.

We also believe that farmers are stewards of the land and have a responsibility to care of our environment. Here at Bell's we practice regenerative agriculture; a philosophy and practice of farming which focuses on soil, plant, and animal health.

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